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Between Two Homes, co-parenting class. Approved by the Fifth Judicial District of Iowa, a class designed to help parents cross the bridge to becoming co-parents.

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The Between Two Homes Class

Class Description


To protect everyone’s health and safety, we will be providing this class via Zoon until further notice.  After you register, please watch your email for the Zoom link for the class. 

The Between Two Homes Class consists of one four-hour class, divided into two parts and separated by a ten-minute break.

Part I: The Adults – Part I of the class focuses on adult issues related to co-parenting and keeping children out of the conflict.Topics Covered:

  • You
  • The Victim Mindset
  • Domestic Violence
  • Working with the Other Household
  • Extended Family / Significant Others
  • Suggestions for Co-parenting
  • Adult Grief
  • Conflict Disengagement
  • Alternative Dispute Options
Part II: The Children – Part II of the class focuses on child development and the needs of Children growing up in two homes.Topics Covered:

  • Children’s Stages of Development
  • Creating the Dual Home Environment
  • Parenting Time
  • Child Support and Access
  • Talking to the Children
  • Children’s Grief
  • Co-parenting Vocabulary
  • Benefits of Co-parenting
  • Alienating Behaviors

Effective Co-Parenting

Between Two Homes: A Coparenting Handbook helps you:

Build a successful co-parenting relationship so you can stop fighting and start communicating

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Recognize obstacles to the coparenting relationship.

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Learn what behaviors, and even what words, can help or potentially hurt your child.

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Talk to your child about the changes using language he or she can understand.

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